A Valentines Day Writing Prompt

Weekly Writing Prompt:

Honeymoon 2

What is the best thing about being either single, or partnered (whichever you are right now)?

For me the best thing about being partnered is knowing I have a teammate in this game called life. Someone I can trust and count on to lend support when I need it. Someone who I know is invested just as much as I am and is working with me to achieve the same goal.  Not really the most romantic answer but it’s true. If you would have asked me this question a few months ago I would’ve probably had a different answer. Recently I discovered something about myself and my marriage. You know that famous movie line from Jerry Maguire.. no, not “Show me the money”. The other famous line, “you complete me.” Yeah, I have decided I really dislike that line. Don’t get me wrong, its a great movie moment and I used to totally swoon over those words… until I got married.

However, the more I am married the more I realize my husband does not complete me, and it’s unfair for me to put that expectation on him. If I were to do so, I feel I would be setting him up for failure. Here’s what I mean by that. In the past when I was feeling sad or lonely I would look to him to fix it. But that never really worked and then I found myself just frustrated with him. Poor guy. Then finally it hit me. It’s not his job to fix those things for me and I needed to stop looking to him to fill those voids. I needed to make an adjustment. I need to take my husband out of the role of “void filler” (that’s not really a thing but.. you know what I mean) and rather see him as my teammate. I can honestly say it’s been awesome! Since I am the same for him I started to think of qualities that make a great teammate.

  1. They put the team before themselves
  2. They are reliable and committed
  3. They treat others with respect
  4. They lend support when needed
  5. They cheer their other teammates on
  6. They listen and encourage
  7. They communicate constructively
  8. They work with others to problem solve
  9. They celebrate the victories
  10. They work on bettering themselves for the benefit of the team

Hahaha wow this turned really self-help like. I promise I am not trying to write a book or anything ;). Just thought I would share some of the things Ive been pondering lately.

I would love to hear your response to the writing prompt. What is the best thing about being either single, or partnered (whichever you are right now)?

Or any thoughts on what I shared.





Weekly Writing Prompt

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

When was the last time someone truly listened to you?

I think the better question is “When was the last time someone truly heard you?” People listen to me everyday and I am sure others could say the same. As a mother my children listen to me (hopefully). As a wife my husband listens to me and I to him. Listening can be rather easy. Hearing is different. To me, hearing means understanding and maybe even connecting on an emotional level. For example, sometimes when I am in an argument with my husband it is hard for me to feel validated unless I feel I’ve been heard. Otherwise I feel as though the words I’ve spoken have meant nothing. I believe that is why you meet people who can talk & talk, have a huge circle of friends and still feel utterly alone. Or why couples who have been married for 20 years can be strangers to each other. We can listen all day but are we really hearing?

To the single mom constantly complaining about how her deadbeat ex won’t help and how frustrating it is to do everything by herself. To some it can be seen as just that, complaining, you can nod and say “I am sorry he won’t help”. Or what she might really need to hear is “Yeah raising kids is already so hard when both parents are involved, I can’t imagine doing it by yourself. I hope you know you are doing a really great job and if you need any help at all please call me.”

Honestly I don’t remember the last time I was truly heard. It was more then likely by my husband and probably after an argument. And I I know there have been times where I have felt heard by one of my friends. But it does feel few and far between sometimes. Is this because we have become way to consumed with our own lives that we forget about what others might be going through. We merely listen, maybe give an appropriate response and then move on?  I’m guilty. Maybe now that I’ve dwelt on it I can change that.


Hello… It’s Me

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Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Hi. I know It’s been like over a year since I posted here… *laughs awkwardly*. Please excuse my absence. When I first started blogging I had grand dreams of thousands of readers and yada yada yada. Don’t worry I have come to my senses. I decided I want to blog because I just want to write. I love writing and a blog is a wonderful creative outlet. So to my “64” followers. Hi! I hope your still out there. I hope you will continue to read this little blog of mine, but if not, that’s okay.

As far as content it is still a lifestyle blog and I will continue to post about various things that interest me. With that said, and like I stated above, I love writing. So I have decided to add a new category to my blog; Weekly Writing Prompts. These will be varied and I will try to post one a week. Most of these are meant to be one paragraph prompts and I would love, if you’re interested, for you to join me! Feel free to post your response in the comments below. We can be inspired together! Below is the first one.

Write about your first day at your current job:

It was a perfect day in April. Some time around noon, I think? My brain was kind of fuzzy. You see the pain was extremely overwhelming. I barely had the strength to keep going. Two hours in and I wanted to quit already, but there was no going back. I could here Brandon counting to ten slowly in the background, I took one more deep breath. With everything I had, I tried one more time. There was so much pain, then finally, the sweetest relief as everything faded to black. I thought to myself, will this be worth it? But then they placed you in my arms. Perfectly round and sweet. With ten little fingers and ten little toes and the sweetest little nose. Instantly pain and struggle was forgotten and I knew. I would love this job forever.

I’m Not 20 Anymore

Since it’s Thursday I thought it would be fun to do a little Throw Back Thursday! Below is a picture of me when I was 20.

1937067_1177272801127_3763363_n-1When I was 20 I could eat french fires like it was no big deal. My hair always looked perfect even when I didn’t style it. When I was 20 I could hang out on the beach with my friends until 2am and then get up and go to work and not even bat an eye! When I was 20 I was invincible…

I’m not 20 anymore. Last night my husband and I went to a country concert. We were so excited, we were going to relive the glory days..before kids. Who cares if its a Wednesday night and we have to work on Thursday. Who cares that the concert was an hour and a half away and we weren’t getting home til after 1am. We can hang! We used to do this all the time when we were 20! We aren’t 20 anymore.

Last night was fun but today was horrible. I quickly realized after a whole cup of coffee and two coke zeros that I was probably going to feel like crap all day. I quickly realized that I can no longer stay up till 2am and expect to function like a normal person. Then I started thinking about it. The truth is I can’t eat french fries like I used to because where as french fries and I used to be besties.. we are now in a love hate relationship.  I love them, they hate me. My beautiful hair that used to be thick and flowy has now thinned and grayed (ok that’s a bit of a stretch, I have like two gray hairs.. but still!). My boobs are at my knees. I can’t see the TV without my glasses. And if I even think about staying up past 10pm I regret it!

So I have decided I’m going to just accept my fate.  I think starting a movie at 8pm is crazy! I would rather stay at home in my pj’s then visit the latest night club. For me a hot date is if my hubby does the dishes and gives me a back a rub! I’m becoming pretty boring in my old age and I like it! Maybe when the kids have grown and left the house, I’ll spice it up a bit and become a regular at my local bingo hall. But for now it’s 7pm and I’m going to bed! Whoop Whoop!

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Please excuse the mess, we LIVE here…

Please ExcuseWhen I was in college and my early twenties I was go go go… never home. Between school, work, friends, having a boyfriend, events and social activities, life was crazy. Late nights and early mornings.. sleep was on the bottom of my list. Now I am exiting my mid-twenties and about to enter my late twenties with a husband, a job, my own home, and a toddler and infant in tow. And you know what, life is still crazy! But crazy in a different way. Before I was never home where as now being home seems like the best place to be and sleep seems to be my number one goal! In fact I could say life is the craziest it’s ever been but in a weird way my days are slower. They are filled with dirty diapers, copious amounts of laundry, baby stuff everywhere and one mess after the other. There are days that seem to never end where I am counting down the minutes seconds until my husband gets home. I live from hour to hour. One hour can be filled with overwhelming joy and love and the next hour seems to bring a wave of exhaustion that results in tears. I find myself with a list of stuff to do and barely any of it seems to get done.

Recently it was brought to my attention by someone who is close to our family, in there opinion, I am not doing enough. That of course is the condensed version and I will not divulge further on what transpired because that is not what this blog post is about. But of course upon hearing this I was devastated. As a wife and mom my biggest insecurity is that I am not doing enough. I hate that I am so exhausted all the time and I wish I could be the super mom with the immaculate house, cultured kids and dinner on the table every night. But this is not who I am. Upon processing what was said about me I realized a little something about myself. I would rather sit down and play with my kids then do the dishes and there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes I need a little extra “me” time in order to keep my sanity and there is nothing wrong with this either. It is who I am and it is what works for me.

I am not here to pass judgements on other moms, in fact I believe there needs to be a little less comparing and judgment passing within the mom community. Being a mom is hard, really hard and really rewarding at the same time. You can never fully understand or appreciate motherhood until you become a mom. I have had to learn a big lesson ( a lesson I am still learning) it’s called Grace. Grace for myself, grace for my kids, grace for my husband and grace for others. Simply put.. we are all a little imperfect and that is ok.

I am not sure if I decided to write this because I am still trying process or even self justify. A part of me thinks the real reason I wrote this post is for YOU the reader. Maybe you are a mom or dad who feels like you are constantly failing, maybe you see others and can’t help but feel a little less than. I hope you know you are not alone. I hope you know that there is someone out there who understands your struggles and your fears! I want you to know that you are doing a good job and it is ok if you do things differently.

In end life is always a little crazy, but for me, at the end of it all I think what will matter the most are the relationships. I know my children, when they are grown, will appreciate more the time I spent with them rather then the time I spent “doing things”.


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