Weekly Writing Prompt

Write the first paragraph of a story you will never finish:

I smooth the frizz out of my hair after blow-drying and apply some mascara and lip-gloss. It’s the first day of senior year and I know most of the girls in my class probably have had their outfits planned for weeks. Not me, I would rather be comfortable then cute in my faded blue t-shirt and jeans. I look in the mirror, expecting to look different. Like being a senior magically transformed me over night. I don’t look different. I still have the same amount of freckles, if not more, covering my nose and cheeks. My thick brown hair falls straight over my shoulders and the same faded, too small for my face; green eyes stare back at me. I Jane Marie Atchison am still the same plane Jane that I was last year.

Above is the first paragraph of a story I am in the process of writing. There is a certain kind of pressure when writing. Even if no one will ever read the words written. You always desire for your writing to be good, coherent and relateable. Usually one writes what one knows and therefore, whether intentional or not, little bits and pieces of your soul splatter through your words like rain drops, slipping into the cracks on the pages.  That is why this particular writing prompt caught my attention. Why do we write only to never finish? Is it because we think we aren’t good enough? Is it simply a case of writer’s block? Or is it bigger then that? When we write we become vulnerable even if the story is fiction. These words are from my brain, my imagination and I am putting them out there for anyone to see and judge. It’s scary. Maybe that’s why we write but don’t finish.