Cleaning out my Pinterest Closet

Oh Pinterest how I love you. Let me count the ways….

But seriously sometimes I wonder how I ever survived this mom life without it! My biggest category on Pinterest (you guessed it) my closet wishlist. I love hunting for cute outfits and finding daily style inspiration. Before I cleaned out my closet I had over 1,000 pins in just this category alone. I decided to clean some categories out because unfortunately the Pinterest App takes up a ton of storage on my phone. So I went to work deleting pins I wasn’t drawn to or couldn’t find inspiration from anymore. As I was doing this I discovered a theme. There are certain trends I’m just not feeling anymore.

5 Trends I am deleting from my Pinterest Closet:

  1. Blue stripes and yellow.
    Photo Credit

    I used to love this combo but I feel like it became really overdone and now it feels really predictable. I’m still a huge fan of stripes. They always feel so classic to me however now I prefer to pair them with a bit of floral or plaid. Or if I have black and white stripes I love pairing them with tan or camel (see below).

    Photo Credit
  2. The first picture leads me to my next nixed trend: Bubble Necklaces. Again I used to love them and then they became really overdone. Plus I’m noticing my style is really evolving into something a little more simplistic and relaxed with natural tones. These necklaces just feel really loud to me now. Instead, If I’m going to incorporate a necklace, I will do something like what is pictured below. A necklace that is longer and adds just a little something extra to the outfit rather than distracting you from it.

    Photo Credit
  3. Fedoras.  _9984396                                         I know, I was surprised by this myself. Especially because this was my summer staple last year. I still do love a good hat but right now I am totally craving a great fitting baseball cap and bonus points if it’s chambray like this one!

    Baseball Tee 3
    Photo Credit
  4. Bright Colored Skinnies
    Photo Credit

    Personally I have never been a fan of these. Maybe because I have wider hips and could never really find a pair that was very flattering. I know bright colors seem to be the trend for spring and summer but for me if I am going to add some color I like to do it in the form of a fun pattern or a pretty floral motif.

    Photo Credit
  5.  Lastly, Pencil Skirts.
    Photo Credit

    There is a good chance I will be totally alone in this. I realize it is a very classy silhouette. But sometimes I think it can make an outfit look very boring. That is why I chose the outfit above. This outfit would totally be the exception! I love this patterned pencil skirt and I love that she pared it with a cute sweatshirt! If you are gonna do a pencil skirt this is the way to go!

So there you have it. Feel free to give me your thoughts. Or better yet, what trends are you deleting for 2016?

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