Day Date Downtown

You know when life get’s crazy busy and it’s really hard to get a full date night in but you know you really need one! This was my hubby and I recently so we decided to sneak away just for a couple hours and do a little day date. Even though it was short it was a nice little breather together.

We went downtown for drinks and an appetizer. It was 2 in the afternoon so it wasn’t crowded. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and sat outside.

Day Date 1If you are ever in Colorado Springs there is this great little place downtown called Shugas. It’s and old house turned bar. They have amazing cocktails, so yummy! Their food is simple but delicious!

Day Date 2

Personally, I feel, no matter how busy life gets, time together is so important even if it’s not your typical date night. Here are five of our favorite non “date night” activities:

  1. Having a day drink at local restaurant (make it some place unique)
  2. drive around and check out some open houses, its like a free parade of homes (even if they are out of your price range or you don’t intend on buying)
  3. go grocery shopping together, make the normal things a date. Grab some frozen yogurt beforehand.
  4. Put the kids to sleep and do a movie night complete with snacks and popcorn just for the two of you
  5. Just stop and watch the sunset together even if it’s from your backyard

IMG_3704Look at that handsome fella πŸ™‚






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