Kid Stuff: Paint Fun

I love summertime! I think I love it more now that I have children, being cooped up in the house all those winter months..that’s rough. We do everything outside these days! Eat lunch outside, read books outside, blow bubbles, do chalk and I don’t care as much about the mess because it’s outside!!

Today we did paint outside and it was BIG fun!


I used Acrylic paint (what I had on hand) which probably wasn’t the best choice because some of it got on the cement and I am not sure I am going to get it off (shh don’t tell my husband). However the acrylic washed completely off my daughter so that’s good!


I used colors that were made up of each other (i.e. yellow and blue make green) so the picture wouldn’t just turn brown.


Just squirt some paint on the paper and let her go to town! The bigger the paper the better! I bought this roll of paper at Hobby Lobby.


I think she enjoyed herself! πŸ™‚


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